juS sTuff

Paintings from the past.

{watercolor + pastel family}

{texture on wood, close up}

{texture on wood, in living room}

{monochromatic angels (2), close up}

{monochromatic angel 2- over twin beds}

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!


the liGhts

I found this when flipping the channels of the www.
The oxymoronic elegance caught my eyes.

{reception photo}

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!


bEauty of nAture

when inspired, do something about it.


{stripes of life}


back to blogging daily. stick around. stick with me like gum sticks to the bottom of your shoe.
let's go.

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!


glass half full

Earlier, i was looking at my gas tank-- which, lately i have found myself doing a little too often--but thats beside the point. The needle was pointing in the space a little below 1/2 (with the little gas tank icon adjacent).

Then I thought to myself... great i have to get gas at some point soon, when i realized...

Are we always focusing on what we constantly NEED? Or are we focusing more often on what we currently HAVE!?

Now to finish off this analogy, when we are so focused on what we need (gas), we lose sight of all of the things we can do UNTIL we are actually empty.
Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Be joyful.

Look on the bRiGhT side!

Have a Great Weekend!! :)

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!



sometimes ya just need a breath of fresh air. i could really use a wish right now.

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!