beacH waves...

Whether you are going to the beach this year or not (despite the recent disaster), here is a product sure to wave goodbye to the straight-hair look!

Moroccan Oil is wonderful to scrunch in your hair to give a naturally wavy look... Blow dry on Low while scrunching for an extra body wave!

Now don't go buy this product expecting miracles to happen (it aint cheap either!)-- dealing with board straight hair? Probly' not gonna work... this is for those who wanna tame those frizzy/borderline wavy locks.

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!

SoutherN blOg!!

this is where most of my blogging ideas have gone! so check it out...

In her book,
Puttin’ on the Grits, Deborah Ford reveals secrets to southern hospitality. Grab a copy for easy entertaining!
I love the sound of a true Southern Belle! Southern tradition has taught us to always dab our lips after nibbling, nevah forget our pearls for a dinnah party, and always remember to serve the sweet tea for an afternoon of gossip on the porch…

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!