bday boy

Because I am starting the blog back in the middle of a year, in the middle of a current blog, in the middle of our lives...

I'm going to start back in the middle and move forward and backwards.

Parker's birtday (that's how I say it 8) ) was Saturday. I wanted him to feel special, so I gathered a small handful of friends and family together and we celebrated on Friday over a few dips, dinner, and a homeade banana foster cake. 

not so pretty 
 sweet friends
Saturday, I got up early to cook him breakfast to go with his new coffeemaker, which he loved {yay}.

so.. we had coffee, and a visitor

We went to see Fallon [she's at obedience training, or Alpine camp for girls--as I like to say]. She has been doing much better! We were so happy to see her; but she nor I could show our excitement because we didn't want to ruin what she had been learning. Parker trained me not to talk to her in a baby voice. I couldn't resist the excited, sweet tone. He brought her out and the first thing I said was "Heyy girllll!" The trainer got on to me [whoops].

She is at Blue Ribbon Kennels for 2 more weeks!

joies jusqu'à la prochaine fois!